Our Origin - Maryland Institute College of Art

Our Origin - Maryland Institute College of Art

      Did you know that Artful Jeweler was started by a group of friends, students and teachers at the Maryland Institute and College of Art?
     Founded in 2008 Artful Jeweler came about through a collaboration of teachers and students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Recognizing that the internet was becoming a powerful tool for artists to market their work Velina Glass the then president of the Metals Guild of Maryland spearheaded this initiative by building and launching the new website.
     From the beginning, the artist-centered website attracted some of the most acclaimed jewelry artists in the industry from the groundbreaking enamel work of Baltimorian Shana Kroiz to the edgy street art of Boris Bally who transforms recycled street signs, weapon parts, and a wide variety of found materials into objects for reflection and adornment.  
     Our first LOGO! Regal Crown Necklace artwork courtesy of Shana Kroiz.
     What we are most proud of is that in our 10 years of operation we have had only 1 return! We attribute this amazing statistic to the quality of work produced by our artists and customer service that is without parallel. Please visit our store at www.ArtfulJeweler.com and discover why our customers consider us the premier store for wearable art.
Velina Glass

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