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"My creative process begins with a design and is guided by color, experimentation and serendipity. My artistic spirit does not begin to flourish until fabrication. It is during this step of the process that I experiment with variations in design, shades of color and alternative materials. In the end, I arrive at a place where my art has been as much inspired by providence as design."

Velina Glass once read that there are two types of artists-- the first creates imagery from within and the second interprets his/her surroundings. She falls into the latter category - an artist that sees nuance and beauty in everything natural and man made and seeks to translate this beauty into a piece of wearable art. Glass find inspiration in the cornucopia of colors found in fabrics from Africa and the Caribbean.

The artist's use of overhead transparency paper to construct molds and her creation of a unique new color bleeding process have made her bangles a much coveted adornment.
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Clear Water Sunset Resin Cuff Bracelet
Clear Water Color Blended Epoxy Resin and Sterling Silver Cuff
Clear Water Chartreuse Resin Cuff Bracelet
Clear Water Color Blended Resin Cuff Bracelet
Clear Water Petit Color Blended Turquoise and Green Epoxy Resin and Fine Silver Cuff
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