Bangle Resin Green Blue Orange Translucent Shiny Finish Out of Africa 3 Unique Artist-Made Jewelry

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The Out of Africa resin bangle is fabricated from translucent and opaque dyed resins using overhead transparency paper to create the mold. Each layer is cast individually and then joined together with black resin. All colors are custom color pigments and the unique color bleeding process is exclusive to this artist. After the bangle is fully cured, the piece is hand-sanded for three to five hours to create a finish that has a brilliant shine, the feel of silk and an appearance that is luminescent. This bangle has a more glossy finish than my other bangles.  This bangle appeared in Lark Books "500 Plastic Jewelry Designs". Dimensions: Interior is shaped in an oval so that it is easy to take on and off. The interior measure Width 3-inches and the interior Length is 2.5-inches. The bracelet is 1.25 inches in height. Ships in 2 days.

To maintain the sheen rinse with mild soap and warm water. Quickly dry and apply lotion to the resin. I always use lavender-scented lotion so that my preferred scent is on the bangle as well as worn on my person.

All resin jewelry is made from RBC Epoxy Resin. RBC has long been the world's leading epoxy manufacturer when it comes to decorative epoxies. Their custom color matching ability is second to none and their seasonal palette of colors is consistently at the forefront of predicting future fashions and illustrating current trends. This has made RBC far and away the definitive source of color coatings for jewelry applications.
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